Saturday, April 24, 2010

NYC Empire State Blue

I couldn't help it. I bought another blue nail polish. XD

NYC Empire State Blue, shade

This was tagged as a "New Shade" on the display. Blue. Shimmer. Yum. There was a deep plummy color too. Silly me, I didn't get it. I'll have to go back. The shade pic is most color accurate. The sun pic is reflecting a lot of cloud.

NYC Empire State Blue, sun

I used 3 coats (plus base coat) for these pictures. No top coat because I was testing dry time -- pretty good at around 30 minutes to be mostly undentable. Except for the little nick on the edge of my index finger; I dinged it throwing the deadbolt on the front door. Completely my fault. Polish consistency was nice and fluid. The first coat was patchy but a second coat evened out the color. I used a third coat only for opacity. There was some visible nail line I wasn't going to ignore. Overall, another 99-cent polish that I'm happy with!

And, I've been meaning to post this! Dionela from Short And Sweet Nails and Kris from My Lucid Bubble have given me an award!

That was so sweet of her, I'm tickled pink. =) I know there's rules for these types of awards, but I'd feel so guilty trying to remember all the blogs I love and be worried that I missed one. So I want to pass it on to all my fellow bloggers out there, keep up the good work!


  1. This really is a fabulous blue, and it looks so great on you too! Beautiful manicure! And at 99 cents, who could beat the price for a lovely color like that?

  2. Love this color!! So vibrant. :) And I do love your blog!

  3. nice color !!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  4. Great color! I love the turquoise shimmer from within, very nice!

  5. Marvelous color! I just bought it today and thought I would read some reviews on it before trying it out. It looks truly fabulous on your nails! Well done! :)


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