Nail related:
My Collection Spreadsheet - if I have a polish you'd like to see, let me know and I'll swatch it for you!
Head2Toe - the main etailer I order from. Carries China Glaze, Essie, Orly, Misa & Color Club. They ship to Hawaii via USPS! *cheers*
CherryCulture - my etailer source of Sinful Colors, LA Girl, and Milani (if I can't find it locally). Free shipping on orders over $40 and yes, they ship to Hawaii with USPS too! (do you see a trend starting? FedEx to Hawaii is Expensive.)
MakeupAlley - the place where I first learned that there are other people like me who love polish!
Fabulous Polish Clean-up Tutorial - want to know how to clean up those stray bits of polish that always get on your cuticles? This is a great post on cleaning up your manicure. Their whole blog is great. Check it out.
OverallBeauty - another etailer. My source for BB Couture. Kim is great. I don't own many BB Couture's, but I want to order more from her. Sometime soon.
QRS Beauty Shop - where I buy Quirius nail polish. Reasonable prices & shipping. I've had great experience with customer service.
eBay - the bay of evil. 'Cause sometimes you're desperate. (Like I really needed to post this here, lol.)

Other Stuff:
Picnik - the free online photo editor I use to watermark my pictures.
Library Thing - awesome site for cataloging your books. I have a lifetime membership. And one day, I may actually get all my books input.

More Stuff That Occupies My Time:
Nene's Kitchen Melts - seller of deliciously scented tarts for burning. Even the husband likes them.
Drama Fever - I watch waaay too many Korean dramas. It's probably not good for my well-being. I have been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to finish a series. But I look for interesting nail polish in each episode! (That redeems me a little bit, right?)
Guild Wars - Okay, I freely admit that I am a gaming nerd. One with beautifully polished nails. But yeah, this game other life. Heh.