Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sinful Colors Under 18

Quickie post!

Sinful Colors Under 18, sun

A orangey-red with golden micro shimmer (click for the bigger picture to see that). Strange name. Two coats, kind of sheer but not as noticeable as some of their other colors.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Borghese Bella Berry

Alrighty, last post of the day and then I'm off to finish wrapping presents and making merry this Christmas Eve. I'll keep it short =)

Borghese Bella Berry, sun

My shade picture gave me ghastly undead hands that I couldn't bear to show. Into the trash it went. Let's see...this was a swatch, so no base or top coat. Two coats had bald spots so I added a third. Otherwise no problems with application. A base coat would probably have helped with the bald spots.

Bella Berry is one of the colors of the Borghese Fashionista collection, this year's spring release. These seem to be popping up in Ross stores across the country, so if you have access you might want to check it out. I also found Stellare Notte, Plumaggio Plum, Mezzanote Blue and Almondine at Ross for a fantastic price of $1.99 each. Can't pass up that kind of bargain!

I meant to keep this short so...Happy Holidays!

Wet n Wild Blue Moon

About a year ago, the last drugstore to sell Wet n Wild nail polish in my area stopped carrying it. I was devastated. (Okay that may be an exaggeration, but I was certainly sad.) Wet n Wild will always hold a special place in my polish heart because it is the first nail polish brand I ever bought. I still have that bottle, actually. Anyway, for a brand that provides 99-cent nail polish, they still produce some excellent polish. I thought I would never have access again (outside of the internet). Imagine my joy when a new location of that drugstore opened and they were carrying Wet n Wild again! I almost had raptures. Ask my husband, he was there (and probably laughing at me).

Wet n Wild Blue Moon, sun

I adore this blue. If you click the picture to see the larger image, you can see the green shimmers. Did you ever have that Midnight Blue crayon in your box of Crayolas? That was my favorite crayon and this reminds me of it. Two coats of color with base and top coat. My only complaint was it had a lopsided brush. I forgot to check the bottle in the store.

Wet n Wild Blue Moon, shade

Beautiful in the shade too. I want to experiment with layering, marbling, stamping...I am smitten. My sincerest apologies for the dent. There was an *ahem* accident with my camera strap. Happy Holidays!

China Glaze Mrs. Claus

I've been feeling tired and worn out, due in no small part to the massive amounts of vog in the air the last couple weeks. Vog is short for volcanic smog, sulfer dioxide and other yuck being pumped out of our active volcano. If you're interested in learning a bit about the volcano I live with, you can read about it here.

China Glaze Mrs. Claus, sun

Mrs. Claus is from this year's 'Tis The Season winter collection. Three coats over base coat and cover with Poshe. No application trouble although it is a bit sheerer than I expected. Next time I think I'll layer it over a red jelly like Misa Cherry Topping.

China Glaze Mrs. Claus, shade

I know I've been lax in posting but to make up for it I have two more posts already lined up for later today. And more pictures on my camera waiting to be downloaded. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revlon Powder Puff

I've been procrastinating again. There are presents to be wrapped, presents to be made, presents to find (Yes, I already lost something I bought. If you have any ideas I would be grateful!) and presents to mail. I've also been procrastinating getting photos edited and uploaded to blogger. It's just that every time I log in I get distracted reading everyone else's new posts...

Revlon Powder Puff, sun

I'm not usually one to wear white, but when I saw the great photos on other blogs I was intrigued. White with blue shimmer? Sign me up please!

Revlon Powder Puff, shade

Let's see...*consults my notes*...this is three coats, no base or top coat. I went for opacity, but if you like your polish sheer two coats would have been fine. Very smooth application. The bottle says matte (hence no top coat) but it's not a flat matte, more of a suede-like finish (which I like).

More sun, just because

This is a perfect snow-type color to me, a white so bright it shines with a blue tone (says the girl who doesn't live in must think me I'm nuts XD). I did balk a tiny bit a the price though. It wasn't on sale and I had no coupons so I paid about 5.49 for this. I was miffed but I sucked it up and paid because hey, it's limited edition! (They get me with that every time...*sigh*)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

OPI Windy City Pretty

My computer is dying. It takes about 20 minutes to finish booting up and then is horribly sloooow at doing certain tasks. Dear Husband says its not worth trying to fix anymore due to how old it is (dinosaur!). *sigh* He put together another computer for me as a temporary measure until we can decide on a what to get next. I was really hoping my computer would hold out until the system requirements for this is released. Oh well...

OPI Windy City Pretty, sun

I picked this up at a nail salon in the mall that I've been afraid to go into since they opened last year. My one foray into another salon to inquire about purchasing polish did not go well and I never tried again. But a few weeks ago this salon had a display at the entrance with a sign proclaiming a "Sale" so I gathered my courage and dug through what they had to offer. (I ended up with this and China Glaze Party Hearty.) I even managed to ask the owner if he would sell the used polish in the racks on the walls. He looked perplexed but said Yes. I think I'll go back soon. Mmm, black label OPI.

OPI Windy City Pretty, shade

This is 3 coats without a base or top coat. Slightly streaky but it evened out well. The third coat was necessary to reach opacity. The shimmer you can see in the sunlight is less noticeable in the shade. For some reason I find this color soothing. Maybe it's the association of a good memory chasing away the bad nail salon experience. =)