Friday, December 24, 2010

Wet n Wild Blue Moon

About a year ago, the last drugstore to sell Wet n Wild nail polish in my area stopped carrying it. I was devastated. (Okay that may be an exaggeration, but I was certainly sad.) Wet n Wild will always hold a special place in my polish heart because it is the first nail polish brand I ever bought. I still have that bottle, actually. Anyway, for a brand that provides 99-cent nail polish, they still produce some excellent polish. I thought I would never have access again (outside of the internet). Imagine my joy when a new location of that drugstore opened and they were carrying Wet n Wild again! I almost had raptures. Ask my husband, he was there (and probably laughing at me).

Wet n Wild Blue Moon, sun

I adore this blue. If you click the picture to see the larger image, you can see the green shimmers. Did you ever have that Midnight Blue crayon in your box of Crayolas? That was my favorite crayon and this reminds me of it. Two coats of color with base and top coat. My only complaint was it had a lopsided brush. I forgot to check the bottle in the store.

Wet n Wild Blue Moon, shade

Beautiful in the shade too. I want to experiment with layering, marbling, stamping...I am smitten. My sincerest apologies for the dent. There was an *ahem* accident with my camera strap. Happy Holidays!

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