Friday, December 24, 2010

Borghese Bella Berry

Alrighty, last post of the day and then I'm off to finish wrapping presents and making merry this Christmas Eve. I'll keep it short =)

Borghese Bella Berry, sun

My shade picture gave me ghastly undead hands that I couldn't bear to show. Into the trash it went. Let's see...this was a swatch, so no base or top coat. Two coats had bald spots so I added a third. Otherwise no problems with application. A base coat would probably have helped with the bald spots.

Bella Berry is one of the colors of the Borghese Fashionista collection, this year's spring release. These seem to be popping up in Ross stores across the country, so if you have access you might want to check it out. I also found Stellare Notte, Plumaggio Plum, Mezzanote Blue and Almondine at Ross for a fantastic price of $1.99 each. Can't pass up that kind of bargain!

I meant to keep this short so...Happy Holidays!

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