Thursday, December 9, 2010

OPI Windy City Pretty

My computer is dying. It takes about 20 minutes to finish booting up and then is horribly sloooow at doing certain tasks. Dear Husband says its not worth trying to fix anymore due to how old it is (dinosaur!). *sigh* He put together another computer for me as a temporary measure until we can decide on a what to get next. I was really hoping my computer would hold out until the system requirements for this is released. Oh well...

OPI Windy City Pretty, sun

I picked this up at a nail salon in the mall that I've been afraid to go into since they opened last year. My one foray into another salon to inquire about purchasing polish did not go well and I never tried again. But a few weeks ago this salon had a display at the entrance with a sign proclaiming a "Sale" so I gathered my courage and dug through what they had to offer. (I ended up with this and China Glaze Party Hearty.) I even managed to ask the owner if he would sell the used polish in the racks on the walls. He looked perplexed but said Yes. I think I'll go back soon. Mmm, black label OPI.

OPI Windy City Pretty, shade

This is 3 coats without a base or top coat. Slightly streaky but it evened out well. The third coat was necessary to reach opacity. The shimmer you can see in the sunlight is less noticeable in the shade. For some reason I find this color soothing. Maybe it's the association of a good memory chasing away the bad nail salon experience. =)


  1. I really like the pinky-brown based mauves, and find them comforting as well. Once you get into the more purple toned mauves, though, I can only think of the hideous dresses my mum made her bridesmaids wear. ;)

    I love shopping at nail salons. <3 Some of them are just no good, but others are gold mines. I'm building a pretty good relationship with the owner at my favorite dusty. She's super friendly, and whenever I come in, she drags out big plastic bins of polish that she's purchased most recently so I can go through them. :) She also lets me buy used polish for a super low price, which I adore. Sometimes you just want to try a polish out without dropping a wad of cash, y'know? :)

    Whoa, ramble. :) Keep dusty hunting, though! And when you find a few good ones, stick with them. It's definitely worth it.

  2. @Shopping Addict, Melanie & Sarah It is a very nice color! I'm all for bold colors but sometimes I need something more subtle and delicate to feel well-rounded.

    @Erin I love the rambling! I hope I can work out a good customer relationship with this salon owner, that would be awesome. There aren't a whole lot of polish options around here so I end up ordering online based on blog pictures but what I really love is holding and comparing bottles in my hand and hemming and hawing over what to buy! Thanks for sharing your experience with nail salons =)


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