Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revlon Powder Puff

I've been procrastinating again. There are presents to be wrapped, presents to be made, presents to find (Yes, I already lost something I bought. If you have any ideas I would be grateful!) and presents to mail. I've also been procrastinating getting photos edited and uploaded to blogger. It's just that every time I log in I get distracted reading everyone else's new posts...

Revlon Powder Puff, sun

I'm not usually one to wear white, but when I saw the great photos on other blogs I was intrigued. White with blue shimmer? Sign me up please!

Revlon Powder Puff, shade

Let's see...*consults my notes*...this is three coats, no base or top coat. I went for opacity, but if you like your polish sheer two coats would have been fine. Very smooth application. The bottle says matte (hence no top coat) but it's not a flat matte, more of a suede-like finish (which I like).

More sun, just because

This is a perfect snow-type color to me, a white so bright it shines with a blue tone (says the girl who doesn't live in must think me I'm nuts XD). I did balk a tiny bit a the price though. It wasn't on sale and I had no coupons so I paid about 5.49 for this. I was miffed but I sucked it up and paid because hey, it's limited edition! (They get me with that every time...*sigh*)

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