Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Icing My Blue Heaven

I know I've been on a roll with Icing polishes, but I thought I'd do one just one more. I promise this is my last one for a while. I have some Color Club waiting for me.

Icing My Blue Heaven, shade

Icing My Blue Heaven, sun

This was 2 coats, and it was actually very easy to apply. The bald patch and bubble on my ring finger are due to a wonky, moppish brush. I wanted to exchange this when I bought it, but it was the last bottle in the store. I'll decant it when I have another empty bottle.


  1. Nice. A bit OPI Feng Shui? Looks quite bright in the top pic and greyed-out in the second. A good look.

  2. Pretty blue. I'm wearing an Icing polish today :)
    They have some great colors.

  3. I need to stop being a snob and pick up some more Icing nail polishes, this looks great on you.


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