Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Golden Rose & No. 146

A few weeks ago I first read about Golden Rose at Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss and was tempted by the idea of a red holo polish, so I placed an order! (Of course, the free shipping on orders over $20 really helped sway me too, lol) I haven't had time to swatch them, but I did want to show you what I ordered and I did a full manicure with No. 146 that you can see at the end. Now, these polishes don't have names, only a number so I've added it to the pictures for your convenience.

First up are from the Golden Rose Paris line. The bottle size on these (I don't believe it is mentioned on the website) is 11ml or 0.37fl oz. Number 113 is from the Paris Holographic colors. Number 86 is from the regular Paris line.

These next two are from the Super Shine & Lasting line. Bottle size is 10ml or 0.34fl oz. Number 146 is the one I chose to try first. (Which is why there's such a large air bubble in the bottle...I did a full manicure before I remembered to take pictures, hehe.)

Can you tell I was having fun taking these pictures? These are from the Care + Strong line. The purple of Number 166 is not quite color accurate; it is a bit more red toned than my camera would capture. Notice the bar glitter? I think these will be nice glitter topcoats. Bottle size is 11ml or 0.37fl oz.

And finally, the cutie babies of the bunch. Numbers 58 and 36 are from the Fashion Color line. Number 119 is from the Holographic Color line. Bottle size on these is 6ml or 0.20 fl oz.

You've waited so patiently! This is what you really came for, the manicure pic! Two coats plus base coat and quick dry top coat, taken under a daylight lamp due to a depressing lack of sun.

Golden Rose 146

Application was great. The polish consistency wasn't too thin or too thick, it flowed smoothly from brush to nail and didn't drag. The brush itself was nicely shaped and the bristles spread just the right amount. I did no cleanup for these photos. The color is lovely, a soft purple with a strong blue-green shimmer. It is a bit sheer, but a third coat would fix that. I bet it would look great layered over a purple cream.

The sun peeked out for all of half an hour one day, so I snapped a quick picture. This is after four working days of wear. You can see there is slight tipwear but no chips.

Overall I think this is nice, reasonably-priced brand with a good range of colors. Prices for the polishes I've shown you ranged from $1.49 for the Fashion Colors to $3.49 for the Paris Holographic. The site I ordered from (here) only ships within the USA, but these polishes are made in Turkey. I'm sure with a bit of searching you can find them outside the US. I tried searching myself, but the sites I found weren't in English and I couldn't be sure you could actually order from them. So, tell me what you want to see next!


  1. My first polish ever (a pearly white with hideous brushtrokes, actually) was by Golden Rose, I've used them ever since.
    Even though their formula/finish/drying time/whatever never fails to disappoint me to some degree, I love the colours to death.

  2. Beautiful color! I have nothing but good things to say for Golden Rose polish, I only have 15 ish but I love them all!

  3. Oh wow I love it!!!Gaah I want some!! LOL

  4. To me that looks like a pale version of RBL Scrangie. If you put it over a purple creme perhaps it would almost be a dupe? Does anyone know?

  5. Those are all really pretty! I may have to carve out some time to visit their website!

  6. @anonymous I'd love to know what your favorite polishes are!

    @Evil Angel I know, right!!

    @ShortandSweetNails/JennyKaye *whistles innocently* I'm not an enabler, honest! *points to website*

    @jaljen I've been thinking the same myself. I plan to try exactly that when I have a moment. I was thinking of using China Glaze Spontaneous, or Grape Pop (when I get it...)


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