Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rimmel Hit the Street

My mom bought me a new cabinet for my nail polish a couple of weeks ago and I've been slowly transferring polishes into it. There's no way that they'll all fit and I'm having a hard time deciding which ones I want put in the cabinet and which ones are going to stay in the plastic containers I currently use. The fun part of this is that I'm touching bottles of polish that I haven't seen in a while. Like my collection of Rimmel!

Rimmel Hit the Street, "daylight" lamp

Hit the Street is a sheer dark orange with gold microglitter. This was three coats and yes, that is visible nail line you see. But I like it anyway! Application was absurdly easy. I didn't use base or topcoat for this and it dried quickly. And it didn't stain either! (At least, the parts of my nails that aren't stained didn't get stained.)


  1. I like this one. :)
    Take pics of your cabinet and show us!!!

  2. @ShortandSweetNails I'll try and get pics when I finish sorting things out =)


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