Monday, April 5, 2010

Icing Roger That

I have another great polish from Icing to show you today. This is Roger That, a sparkly jelly-like teal.

Icing Roger That, 3 coats, shade

Icing Roger That, 3 coats, sun

Application was almost absurdly easy. Smooth and streak-free at two coat, I chose to do a third coat because of visible nail line. I didn't have to do any cleanup, that's how well behaved this polish was. If only all polishes were this easy to apply!


  1. thats a very pretty color i like icing nail polish arent't they called claire's . i love the length of your nails.

  2. I wish there was an Icing store in NYC!!! I would run to get this polish!
    Looks amazing as usual =P

  3. @aaminahsmom Thanks, I'm trying to keep this length until I can snatch up some of the new mood polishes at Claire's. You are correct, the proper name of the store where I bought today's polish is Icing by Claire's. But since the bottle only says Icing and the Claire's store has another line of nail polish that's called "Claire's", I choose to call these "Icing". =)

    @Claudia/ShortandSweetNails Thank you both! I have to admit, I probably have more blues/greens than any other color of polish. ^_^;


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