Friday, April 9, 2010

Color Club Pink Lust

I know I was going to show you the second part of Haute Browns, but I had to sneak this one in. These pictures barely begin to show the hotness of this neon pink from Color Club's Flower Power collection.

Color Club Pink Lust, sun

Color Club Pink Lust, shade

This was three ridiculously easy coats plus topcoat (I have to admit, I'm a habitual 3-coater) and this polish just *glows*. I thought I would have to use a base of white under it, but Pink Lust popped quite nicely without it. I can imagine how retina-searing it would be over white. If you don't have a neon pink and are looking for one, you might want to consider this!

Edit 4/12/10 for jaljen:

There was no sun when I did this so instead of doing a whole hand, I did two fingers so you can see the difference side by side instead of trying to compare it to another photo.

Color Club Pink Lust over white (index and middle), alone (ring and pinky)

The difference doesn't show up as well in the photo as it is in real life.


  1. Nice! Are you going to try it over white as I'd like to see that? Pretty please.

  2. @jaljen I'll edit this post and add that in for you =)


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