Saturday, April 3, 2010

Icing Chase Me

*WARNING: This post contains pictures of bare yellow nail.

Yesterday I couldn't stand it anymore, going to work with bare nails. So I woke up extra early and reached for the polish I bought at Icing last weekend. The name is Chase Me and its one of their new Matte polishes.

Icing Chase Me - 3 coats for opacity, outdoors on a rainy day

While I love the color, I don't like the polish itself. It bubbled like crazy and was difficult to work with. This isn't the first matte polish I've used so I don't think its my technique, but maybe it will be better next time...if there is a next time. When I took this off at the end of the day, it smurfed my fingers completely! Blue everywhere...on my fingertips, my cuticles, nail beds...people asked me if I had started dyeing Easter eggs early. It took three hand scrubbings, a sink full of dishes and a shower before the color faded .

And its still not completely gone =(


  1. This happened to me when I used a FingerPaints blue np. I would say when you are removing to swipe in a downward motion with cotton away from your finger so it doesn't have a chance to get on your hands.

  2. Blues are terrible about staining. I started using the foil method to remove blues so that none of the polish touches my skin. Then if I gat a little on me I scrub with whitening toothpaste and a nail brush.

  3. Oh, I hate getting smurf fingers! Too bad... But the color is nice though.

  4. That's my only issue with blue polish..the smurf fingers afterward. That color looks lovely though.

  5. "people asked me if I had started dyeing Easter eggs early." hahaha! poor you! hate when that happens, had my share of smurf fingers too, yikes. However, i think it's a gorgeous matte to gaze at, sorry to hear the formula isn't all that!

  6. Not all "blues" give you smurf nails, but when one does suck! I'll keep this in mind when I buy any polishes from "Icing" ...yikes!

  7. @contests/EvilAngel Thanks for the tips! I forgot to mention in my post that this polish was also very clung to my nails for dear life even with straight acetone and bled right through the felt I was using.

    @nihrida I'm such a sucker for anything blue, hehe.

    @Michele At least I had an excuse this time! The rest of year get funny looks =)

    @Jackie Yeah, I've got some great blues that don't leave a trace of color behind, some of them from Icing. I'm wondering if it has something to do with their matte formula.

  8. @ Kitty..good point about the matte formula, can you imagine what their pink/fuchsia matte color does? YIKES!


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