Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An oldie and a tiny break...

...but not a broken nail! (*knocks on wood* I'm growing my nails out again hopeful that Claire's will get those fabulous mood polishes in soon.) No, I'm talking about a teeny tiny blog break. Some things have come up at work and I suddenly find myself with the dubious honor of being In Charge for a couple of weeks. Combined with the yucky weather I haven't had time to do any proper manicures or picture-taking. Or to respond properly to comments and leave comments, I'm really sorry about that. =(

There is the weekend coming up, so I hope to swatch something new I picked up as well as some untrieds that have been sitting around waiting patiently. I can't bring myself to not post a single picture so I dug around a little and found an old photo of one of my favorite polishes, OPI My Private Jet.

This was one coat of My Private Jet layered over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme. I was having a quirky day so I painted a hot pink from Hot Topic on the undersides of my nails (and boy was that hard to get off). My Private Jet has evolved through several versions over time so if you spot it in a dusty somewhere remember to take a good look at it to make sure its the version you want.

And because I haven't done one yet, I'm going to squeeze a kitty picture in:

Peekaboo says hello and thank you for visiting!


  1. Thanks for posting. My fave bloggers post every day! Am LOVING the pink under the nail. I must do that!
    Pretty kitty with unusual eyes!

  2. i love MPJ and was lucky enough to receive it in a swap.... can't wait for the summer to wear it :D

  3. I love this polish. Haven't used it in a while though.

    Your kitty is so beautiful :)

  4. MPJ looks great over black. Great idea.

  5. I don't care much about OPI. =) But what a beautiful kitty! Mesmerizing eyes: Is his hearing OK?

  6. omg what a gorgeous kitty!

  7. @jaljen I'm still new to blogging, but I hope to work out a better posting schedule as I gain experience. I'm having such fun =)

    @amused I look forward to seeing your pictures!

    @ShortandSweet I have to admit, I'm hoarding mine. I look at the photo whenever I feel urges to wear it (its silly, I know!)

    @Alisa Thanks!

    @Nihrida/Scandalous Peekaboo is preening for being complimented (She's very vain). And she hears very well, judging by how quickly she come running when she hears the kitty food container being opened. =)


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