Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybelline & Hot Topic

Finally, the last two bottles from my weekend haul! One is a drugstore brand and the other is from Hot Topic. To refresh: these are swatches only, so no base or top coat and pictures were taken under a lamp due to lack of sun.

Maybelline Exu-Blue-Rant - 2 coats

Exu-Blue-Rant is from Maybelline's Poptimistic collection. This is a highly pigmented polish which was almost a one-coater. If you apply your layers on the thicker side, you could probably do just one coat. I like this blue creme. I find it straightforward and refreshing. Its a great dark blue that looks blue, even indoors. No application issues.

Hot Topic Mint - 3 coats

There are so many things I want to say about this polish I don't know where to begin. First of all, this photo isn't color accurate. It should be less blue and more minty green. I tried everything I could think of until I just gave up because swatching this polish was just so frustrating.

The trouble started with the crap brush. I know it happens with Hot Topic polishes, but this was extra-crappy. Uneven bristles and falling apart. I had to trim them and even pulled some out just so I could swatch. Then the consistency seemed to be a bit thick and goopy. It may need to be thinned, or I was having trouble getting even layers because of that darn brush! At two coats, it was still streaky, then the third was lumpy. I stopped trying because I knew a fourth coat would just mean taking it all off and starting again. And then I forgot to take a bottle pic. *sigh* I do like the color though, which means I'll decant this into a better bottle and thin it and try again. One day.


  1. 1. I love both polishes.
    2. Your nails and photos are great.
    3. You need and deserve more followers, 'cause I think your blog is great!

  2. Great pix. Lovely nails. I go along with that. I hope you get lots more followers. I signed up. Thanks to nihrida for signposting us to you!
    I even love your name!

  3. I love both shades of polish. I love mint and all green polishes. I don't own any Hot Topic and I won't pick this up. The Maybelline is gorgeous on you. I have to try and find this baby.

  4. @ Nihrida & jaljen Thank you both for the encouragement!

    @ Lucy I can never pass up a green! Those Hot Topic bottle are crazy, but when I'm feeling adventurous I'll give them a go. I just found Exu-Blue-Rant at Longs Drugs. I don't know if you have that drugstore where you are, but its part of CVS.

    @ Jackie S. I can never pass up on a blue =)


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