Friday, March 26, 2010

Essie Van D'go & a little bit of sunshine!

Last weekend I scheduled several posts for this week because I knew I would be very busy with little or no time to hop on the computer. I finally had a whole day off today so I logged in to catch up on my blog reading and post today's manicure. Wow! What happened while I was gone? Seemingly overnight I have lotsa followers =)

Happily mystified I started catching up on the blogs I follow and soon found the answer. The lovely lady Nihrida was so sweet and kind to point you in my direction! So I'm sending a big thank you out to her and to all of you who took the time to check my blog out! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside...what a great day off I'm having =D

Okay, okay, on to the pictures! Today I'm wearing Van D'go from The Art of Spring Collection 2010 by Essie.

Essie Van D'go, midday sun

Essie Van D'go, shade

I used three coats to get full coverage (my own fault, I was watching a movie at the same time) plus base & quick dry topcoat. It seemed a little thick, but didn't give me any real problems and dried within half an hour. A word of warning if you're thinking of picking this up: Van D'go dries darker than the pale pink-peach it looks in the bottle.


  1. This is probably my favorite color from the art collection

  2. You deserve lots of followers. Thanks to Nihrida for pointing us at another great blogger. You have good pix and great application. It drives me nuts when bloggers don't do a clean-up! You're great!
    Quite like the Essie but not enough to buy it.

  3. @ Scandalous I haven't tried the others, but I'm happy with this one :)

    @jaljen Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

    @ Nihrida Thank you! I think this is my first peach polish and now I want to try more, lol! *is eyeing China Glaze Peachy Keen*

  4. I keep debating on this looks lovely on you!!! :)

  5. Thanks for the warning about the color drying darker. How does this compare to CG's "Peachy Keen"?

  6. @ShortAndSweetNails Thanks! I checked out your blog and I think this color would look great on you. I really like the way Lilacism looks. :)

    @Jackie S. I was a little surprised, but I like the way it dried. I don't have Peachy Keen (yet, lol) to compare, but I did find a great comparison photo by beautopia here:

  7. No you are right, the polish for this color was a bit thick! Not sure why, essie's polishes are usually good.



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