Monday, March 29, 2010

Milani Cyberspace & Milani 3-D

I woke up this morning to a beautiful cloudless sky. Perfect for trying out my new Milani 3Ds! As much as I wanted to buy them all, I controlled my impulses and restricted myself to two, the blue and the gold. (I'm so proud of myself. Lol.)

This Spring Milani released a collection of neons and holographics that I've heard are to be part of the core line. I don't know if that's true or not but I hope so! These would be a great permanent addition to their collection of colors. While I love seasonal collections, it can be frustrating to hunt them down. Where I live, sometimes we don't see a spring collection until fall! Maybe they get lost at sea, heh. But on to the pictures!

Milani Cyberspace

This was three thin coats and if you stare at it you can sort of see visible nail line. I'm thinking this would be great layered over one of the new neons.

Milani 3-D

Again, three thin coats but 3-D is more opaque than Cyberspace. Both polishes had excellent application. It was easy to apply thin coats, great coverage and a smooth finish. Both of these were done without basecoat. I don't buff my nails so I usually use a ridge-filling basecoat, but these didn't show my ridges at all.

While these aren't quite the same as the China Glaze OMGs or Kaleidoscopes, (Hmm, I wonder if I can do a comparison? I'll have to check my stash...) they're still very nice holos for a reasonable price. Some drugstore polishes are getting rather pricey. (I'm looking at you Sally H.) Shoot, I'm happy to see holographic nail polish in a drugstore brand again!


  1. WOW! I never wanted any of these polishes...but now I might have to get me some. =)

  2. I love cyberspace and was lucky to receive it in an swap :D

    can't wait for summer because then I'll be wearing holo's only ^^

  3. If I ever see somewhere in Toronto to get some Milani polishes, I'm going to snap them all up! So pretty.

  4. Oo. 3-D. Good pix. I only have one Milani but I want more.

  5. I've resisted buying these but I think I want Cyberspace now...LOL

  6. I'm a glutton so I got all of them! I just love holo polish.

    BTW, I also love your blog, I just happened to stumble upon it thanks to Nihrida.
    I'll follow you from now on and I put you in my blog roll as well.

    Great nails, great writing! :-D

  7. @Nihrida I bet they look great on you!

    @amused I wish the sun would come out more...its been rain, rain, rain lately.

    @jaljen I only have a few Milani, but if they keep this up, I'm sure I'll be getting more.

    @ShortandSweet I thought I'd only get two, but now I want the purple one *sigh*

    @PolishPig If the drugstore keeps these in stock, I'm afraid I'll have them all too! Thanks for visiting =)


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