Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Claire's Dream Catcher

Word around MakeupAlley's nail care board is that Claire's Dream Catcher is a dupe for that limited-edition-insanely-priced-on-eBay Chanel Jade nail polish. I don't own the Chanel so I can't say if its true or not. What is true is that Dream Catcher is quite pretty.

Three coats in full sun. This is actually about 3 days wear. I thought my pictures of this were gone for good when the computer threw a fit, but I found these on my camera. Yay for forgetfulness and taking too many pictures! Loving the subtle shimmer.

And for fun, another picture when the sun hid behind some (heh, more like a whole lot of) clouds.

After seeing this polish so much on MUA and other blogs, I really wanted to try it out but my local Claire's didn't have it. I checked almost every week and finally I gave up, deciding I must have missed it completely. Then last week I stopped by to look for the new mood-changing polishes (which they didn't have) and lo and behold, there were tons of Dream Catcher in the clearance bin. I know for a fact those were never on the regular shelf. Go figure. But I got my lemmng and I'm happy =)


  1. I'm so sad I missed this one, its beautiful!

  2. I tried to look for this because I missed out on Jade :( and I couldn't find this either!!



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