Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Icing Part Two

Here we have two more polishes from Icing by Claire's. These were in the clearance bin marked down to half price. As I said last time, these are just swatches with no base or top coat. The sun refused to come out and play, so pictures were taken under a lamp.

Icing Can't We Elope - 4 coats

First of all this is not quite color accurate. Can't We Elope is a neon which is tough to capture correctly on camera. In real life, this polish leans more yellow than this. Also, this definitely has Visible Nail Line (which is why I did 4 coats) so if you don't like VNL, you might want to skip this one or use an opaque white under it.

Icing He Loves Me - 3 coats

He Loves Me is pretty, but there are probably more than a few dupes out there. I don't have a lot of pinks though, so it will be a nice addition to my collection. This one also had VNL at three coats, but for some reason it didn't show up in the photo. But it was there.

Once again, Icing nail polish didn't disappoint. They applied smooth and even, albeit with visible nail line. The polish consistency is great, no need to thin nor any pooling at the cuticles. Overall, I think Icing polish is definitely equal to salon brands.


  1. WOW! Gorgeous colors. I wish I could get Icing here...

  2. Loving the pink. You have gorgeous nails. You have a nice long nail bed. I'm so jealous. I don't own any Icing polishes. They do make some gorgeous polishes.


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