Monday, March 22, 2010

Icing Part One

When dear husband and I went to the mall this weekend I visited Claire's to check if they got the new mood-changing polishes in (they didn't). Disappointed, I visited a few other stores and picked up a few new colors. Since I'm going to be very busy this week, I've spread this out over a few posts and scheduled them. I hope it works!

The first two polishes I'm going to show your are from Icing by Claire's. I don't recall seeing them in Icing before, but they were each the last bottle left. Unfortunately, the sun hasn't come out all weekend so all these pictures were taken under a lamp. Since these are swatches only, no base or top coat.

Icing Dark & Stormy - 2 coats

I think this is my favorite of them all. Of course its blue, lol. Reminds me of my favorite crayon when I was a kid, Midnight Blue. So gorgeous indoors, I can't wait until I can wear it on a sunny day.

Icing Heartless - 2 coats

This one was hard to capture on camera. The color is accurate, but I couldn't get the shimmer to photograph correctly. There is an almost hidden purple shimmer that glows at the right angles.

Both polishes applied easily. Streaking only very slightly on the first coat, everything smoothed out with the second. I have a tendency to do three coats, but with these I didn't feel the need to at all. *love*

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