Thursday, April 8, 2010

Color Club Haute Browns - Part I

A while ago I mentioned that I picked up a set of Color Club polish from Ross. I even drafted the beginning of a post about them, then somehow lost it, and now found it again so here it is!

Today I will show you the three light colors. Urban Edge is the lightest of the Haute Browns collection. Its a tannish brown with a pink tinge that really leans pink on me.

Application sucked. Almost enough to make me want to skip the other two light shades in this collection. At three coats this was still streaky. At four coats it finally evened out enough that I didn't want to take it off immediately. A good coat of topcoat helped.

Color Club Urban Edge, daylight lamp

Color Club Urban Edge, sun

(I think it was the difficult application of this that "encouraged" me to forget about finishing this post. That's why the rest of these swatches were done more recently, with a longer nail length.)

Next is Diva In Brown, which is a touch less pink. This is 3 necessary coats, although application was much better than Urban Edge.

Color Club Diva In Brown, shade

Color Club Diva In Brown, sun

Finally we have Out and About, again 3 coats. Out and About is slightly more brown than Diva In Brown.

Color Club Out and About, shade

Color Club Out and About, sun

Of the three, Out and About had the best application. It could have easily been done with only two coats. While I don't think these are colors I would wear often, they are nice "safe" colors that I would feel comfortable wearing in a more conservative setting. Check back soon for Part II of the Haute Browns!


  1. I love Out and About and Urban Edge.

  2. I really like these nude shades, very elegant on your hands!


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