Saturday, May 1, 2010

Revlon Grape Icy

The new position I'm temporarily filling in for at work is wearing me out. Luckily I found something in the drugstore that helped perk me up! Today's mani is one of the new scented Revlons, Grape Icy. You may also notice that I chopped my nails down a bit; short nails are easier for me to maintain at the moment.

As many of you already know, digital cameras often don't capture purples accurately. This polish was no different. For my sun and shade pictures, I've included both the original photo and one that I "doctored" to a more accurate portrayal of the color.

Revlon Grape Icy, sun (unaltered)

Revlon Grape Icy, sun (edited for color accuracy)

Grape Icy is a bit on the sheer side; this was 4 thin coats. Surprisingly, it was very easy to apply evenly, just required building layers for opacity. The scent is light and sweet, rather like grape-flavoured candy and lasted for several days, even with topcoat. Wait until your topcoat is dry before you try smelling it though (unlike me, lol).

The shade (or indoor) picture is closer to the correct color, but even that wasn't quite red enough and so I had to "doctor" that one as well. I apologize for the blurriness; my camera wouldn't focus properly without a flash and the flash would wash out the color. Of these four pictures, the last one is the most color accurate.

Revlon Grape Icy, indoors (unaltered)

Revlon Grape Icy, indoors (edited for color accuracy)

Overall, this is a nice color that is very vibrant in real life, but I don't think I would buy it just for the color. The real draw here is the idea of having a scented nail polish. =)


  1. I like it. It's very smooth and even so I'd be happy to do 4 coats to achieve that effect.

  2. Pretty. I debated getting Grape Icy and now I see I'm going to regret I didn't get it. LOL

  3. I like this, and the added smell is a nice bonus!

  4. I like this nail length on you.

  5. @jaljen Surprisingly, the four coats didn't feel like four since it went on so thin. Its a great color.

    @ShortandSweetNails I'm teetering on going back to see what else the store still has, lol!

    @JackieS The idea of scents in nail polish really tickles me, but I'm glad not all nail polishes have them. Too distracting!

    @KarenD Thanks! I can never seem to maintain one nail length; I just keep growing them until I get irritated and then chop them down again.


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