Friday, May 28, 2010

Color Club Gossip Column

Have I ever mentioned that I love me a good teal creme? Color Club Gossip Column is a gorgeous one. It comes from the Rebel Debutante collection but was not in the 7-piece box set; you had to buy it separately. That did irk me a little since I found the box set at Ross but had to wait until I could put together an e-tailer order to get Gossip Column. Of course, it was a good way to rationalize placing an e-tailer order. *whistles innocently*

Color Club Gossip Column, sun

Color Club Gossip Column, shade

I used two coats of Gossip Column as well as base & top coat. Application was very smooth, this was almost opaque in just one coat. If I had known ahead and been a little more careful with my brushstrokes I could have managed full coverage with one coat easily. But I'd probably do two anyway, I'm funny like that. I was so in love with this gorgeous polish I wore it for four days (and had only slight tip wear). If you love teal creme, go buy this!


  1. every day you make my etailer haul larger and thats cool - i had gossip column already in my cart and its staying in there this time . thanks for the posts...again you have such beautiful nails

  2. I agree with you: teal cremes rock. =)

  3. oooooh this one is pretty! I didn't get any of the RebDeb colors.

  4. @aaminahs mom Haha, I love hearing that I've helped someone haul more! What else are you debating, maybe I have it untried!

    @nihrida Love love love them! I suddenly find I need more =)

    @Scandalous Look for it! Iz gorgeous...*happy sigh*


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