Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Water Marbling - Attempt #1 (and a package!)

So, I've been fighting it off for a couple of weeks, but I've finally succumbed to a nasty cold. Yuck. I'd tell you all about it, but dear husband reminded me that just because I'm feeling lousy and want to b**** about it, you probably don't want to know. So I'm fighting the TMI impulse.

I was too lazy/tired/confused to find polish remover and felt but I really really wanted to change my mani (NYC Plaza Plumberry - a deep vampy plum creme I didn't photograph). So, I decided to cover it up with water marbling. (I never said I was rational when I'm sick...halfway through the process I realized I still needed felt and polish remover. *facepalm*) NYC Plaza Plumberry remained my base and I used Essie Van D'go and Revlon Gum Drop for the marbling.

My fingers are reddish because the sun is just coming up. Morning light is good for photographs, but maybe not quite that early. Not bad for a first attempt, but do you see the bubbles? They're not in the topcoat; they came up in the marbled polish. Did I dip my finger too fast? I'll have to research a bit. Oh and my index finger? Yeah, I put topcoat on before all the water had dried off. Not so good of an idea. I'm going to blame it on being sick (uh huh, riiiiight dear husband just told me).

Anyway, something good came out of this day...I got my Head2Toe order in the mail!

Oh, you want to know what's in the box? Lovely ladies of course!

Their names, you ask? Let me introduce you!

L to R: Misa Cherry Topping; Sorry Just Can't Help It; Color Club Gossip Column

L to R: China Glaze Heli-Yum; Grape Pop; Peachy Keen; Happy Go Lucky; Four Leaf Clover

L to R: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy; Towel Boy Toy; Yellow Polka Dot Bikini; Kiwi Cool-ada

L to R: China Glaze Atlantis; Electric Lilac; Medallion; Dorothy Who?; Thunderbird

L to R: Orly Pixy Stix; Wild Wisteria; Snowcone

Now the only pressing question is: What do I use first? But that will have to wait for another day. All this picture-taking (front yard in my pajamas, lol), editing and typing have wiped me out. I'm going to lie down and fondle my pretties. *^_^*


  1. The marbling turned out lovely and great haul!

  2. Awesome haul and love the water marbling. Feel better soon!

  3. W0W all the pretty polishes! You're so lucky.

  4. @EvilAngel Thanks! I think my next try will be with some of those neons =)

    @JennyKaye Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to be up and polishing soon!

    @Lolitadewdrop Since most of my polishes have to come by mail, I tend to save up and do one big haul to cut down postage costs. I look forward to trying these out over the coming weeks!


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