Friday, May 7, 2010

China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya

I had this color in my untrieds for, oh, about a year. I mostly bought it because of the name; I live in Hawaii and so I like to buy polishes with names related to Hawaii. I own a bunch of sheer Sinfuls for this very reason ^_^;

China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya, shade

China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya, sun

For this manicure, I used 3 coats plus base & quick-dry top coat. Application was decent, nothing spectacular, but not horrible either. Just what I normally expect from a polish. I didn't expect to like the color as much as I do! I think its cute and it has a bit of silvery shimmer in it that I didn't notice in the bottle. A happy ending for something I bought based on only a name. =)


  1. Wooow love it on your gorgeous nails! The colour is sweet and makes your nails looking like candy. Yummy :D

  2. *sings* I wanna lei ya down in a bed of roses...

  3. Ah I wanna live in Hawaii!!!
    Funny name and pretty color.

  4. @all of you! Sorry I haven't been responding so quickly. I've been feeling terrible these last few weeks but that's no excuse! I'll try to be better. I just wanted to tell you thanks for your continued support =) *is humming along with nihrida*


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