Monday, May 31, 2010

China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

The weather this weekend was perfect. Blue skies, puffy white clouds, a gentle breeze...I should have went to the beach! (Doh!) Even though we spent the weekend running errands and doing household chores, at least the weather was nice while we were doing it. I did manage to perk up my nails for the weekend. From the new China Glaze Poolside collection:

China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, indirect sun

A nice cheery yellow, it does still have a pitfall common to yellow nail polish: streaking. I had to use four coats to even out the color. One thing that helped was to let the polish dry a bit between coats. It did dry matte as neon polish does, so a nice shiny topcoat is in order (unless you want the matte look).

That was Saturday's look. On Sunday morning I decided something was missing (and I noticed some bubbling I wanted to cover up). Someone had encouraged me to order the Bundle Monster image plates from Amazon last Monday which arrived very quickly. I had to test them out didn't I? I mean, how could I not?

With China Glaze Heli-Yum nail stamp (Bundle Monster plate 12), direct sun

Dear husband and I had dinner with my mom last night and she called them "kitchen nails". The color and design remind her of these plastic containers she used to see for storing sugar, flour, etc. back in the early '80s. I kind of remember green bins with similar white flowers myself...I feel retro. XD

Next time: a franken!


  1. This is a really fun manicure, awesome!

  2. I love this color on you. But I think it pops more without fauxnad. =)

  3. @ JackieS Just what I need to keep me going through the work week! =)

    @nihrida Why thanks! I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing when I was making my order (and I ordered 2 yellows!) but I'm really loving this yellow. And you're right, it pops more without the fauxnad.

  4. Kitty, thanks 4 entering the giveaway. Any place would do! You were right!

    I never even heard of that pink. I had better look it up.

    BUT you did not say anything positive about yourself. You could have said you were very modest and that you have excellent taste. Well, I think that's true. And you are also great at Konad(ding).

  5. @jaljen Awww, thanks for the kind words! My mind tends to go blank when I'm asked to say something about myself, hehe.

  6. SO pretty. I'm loving yellow. Cool konading,

  7. @susies1955 Thanks! This is the first yellow I've been really, really happy with =)


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