Monday, February 1, 2010

Color Club Wild and Willing

Duochromes are a particular love of mine. I love all polish. Cremes, shimmers, glitter...even sheers, although I don't wear them much due to having stained nails. I'll even tolerate a frost if it isn't too frosty. Maybe. But duochromes...the way the color plays across the curve of my nail fascinates me.

Last fall Color Club released the Wild at Heart collection which is where today's polish comes from. Wild and Willing is a beautiful gold-orange-pink with green winking at you from the edges. First up, a bottle pic.

In the bottle you can see multiple colors around the edges. Hmmm, does that make this a multichrome?

I took so many pictures trying to capture this one, it was hard to pick out only a few to show you. I'm always trying to improve my photography skills and I hope that one day I can do this beautiful polish the justice it deserves.

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