Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toma Mood Changing Plum to Red

Another old photo for you today! I don't really maintain one nail length. Rather, I just let my nails grow until they start to get in my way (or I break one *shudder*) and then I cut them short. One thing I try to take advantage of during a long nail phase is wearing duochromes and what I'm going to show you today.

This is an older nail polish that I've had for at least eight years. Quite likely longer. It's Toma Mood Changing Polish MC-9 Plum to Red. Love, love, love the bottle shape. I remember the store display actually held these little bottles upside down like little colored lightbulbs.

On the nail, if the weather isn't too warm, you get a nice two-tone effect where the nail bed ends. I've found that these mood polishes can be very hit and miss. The different colors work either very well or very poorly. Your personal body chemistry may also have an affect on the polish. I always have warm hands, so when its cold outside or I'm in an airconditioned building, I can see the effect on my nails. A friend of mine who has poor blood circulation and thus usually has cold hands and feet, almost never sees the strong definition of colors that I do. On her nails, this polish leans more to the purple. And of course, longer nail lengths show this polish off better.

I have a few more of these Tomas I'd like to show you, but this one is by far the prettiest.

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