Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OPI Absolutely Alice

Today I have for you OPI's Absolutely Alice, from the Alice in Wonderland collection. A picture is worth a thousand sparkles, so here it is:

First of all, let me say I abso-friggin'-lutely love this color. Enough to go out and buy a backup the same day I bought the first bottle. So much I wore it four whole days. Five if I can't get it off tonight on account of it being glitter-tastic. But I digress. This photo is two coats of Absolutely Alice layered over my previous manicure, Chelsea Tropic of Cancer. I was so excited to finally get my hands on this color, I couldn't be bothered to take off my polish. Unfortunately, I also forgot to take a picture on Day 1. Please forgive me the slight tipwear. *cough* And the blue sleeve; I took this picture standing in my driveway in my pajamas, wrapped in my husband's sweatshirt because it was a cold morning, hehe. I chose the slightly out of focus shot because it shows the sparkle so well.

And a confession: I was so excited to swatch, my right hand bears the other glitter in this collection, Mad As a Hatter. I wore both colors for days and more than once I had patrons at work tell me "I can't decide which one I like more!" Pictures of MAaH will be coming soon!


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