Monday, February 22, 2010

Essie Love, Beverly Hills

Once upon a time, Essie released a Limited Edition polish called Love, Beverly Hills xx that claims to be infused with pure 24K gold. This gold infused polish also carried a hefty price tag of $18. Is it worth it?

Three coats, afternoon sun:

The sun kind of washed out the color, so I moved indoors and under my "daylight" lamp:

The last picture best shows what this polish looks like most of the time indoors (which is where I spend most of the time anyway). Application was smooth, any streaks evened themselves out within seconds. Two coats was okay, but a third really added depth. I love this color, but I don't think its worth the $18 price tag it originally had. I bought my bottle for $3.99 at a discount outlet. I think the most I would be willing to pay is the $8 Essie usually retails for.

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