Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's up, N.Y.C.?

N.Y.C. nail polish is great. They've got some nice colors, I can find them in most drugstores and they're only 99 cents. So its no surprise that I often swing by the N.Y.C. display to see if there's something I don't have yet.

A few weeks ago, I was in Walmart and I did just that. I saw two colors that I didn't remember having at home so I bought them. Even if I did already have them, what's a couple bucks. Cheap thrills, that's me, lol. One was a purpley-gold duochrome sheer called Wing It Wine Creme (how its creme, I have no idea) and the other was a pink-gold-turquoise sheer shimmer (bad description, I know) called Love Letters. The name Love Letters started to nag my brain on the car ride home. I knew I had another polish by that name. But I also knew I didn't have an N.Y.C. that was that color.

When I got home, I immediately started digging through my stash. And found out I was right. I did have Love Letters.

Old version on the left, "new" version on the right.

What the heck!?

Then it got worse. I checked my nail polish spreadsheet...


Wing It Wine Creme was already on there. Still, I had a sneaking suspicion that led to further digging through my stash...

Yep. N.Y.C. did it again.

Old version on the left, "new" version on the right.

What's going on N.Y.C.? I understand slight changes in batches. But in opinion it should be New Color = New Name. And I'm not even going to mention the lack of creme in Wing It Wine...

So I did some quick swatches so you can see just how different the old versions are compared to the new version. All are three coats plus topcoat except for the old version of Love Letters. That bish is five coats and still not as even as I would prefer. I know it should probably be on the sheer side since it is for french manicures, but at three coats it was streaky and still showing my yellow stained nails. I couldn't handle it and had to add more layers. Sorry about the bubbles.

Outdoor shade. Index to Pinky: Wing It Wine Creme (old version), Wing It Wine Creme (new version), Love Letters (old version), Love Letters (new version)

Outdoor late afternoon sun. Pinky to Index: Love Letters (new version), Love Letters (old version), Wing It Wine Creme (new version), Wing It Wine Creme (old version)

So whats up, N.Y.C.?

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