Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nfu-Oh 54 Layered

Last time, I showed you my Icing Manic Monday disaster. I fixed my cleanup issues ( definitely need more practice using a brush instead of an orange wood stick) and yet I still wasn't happy with Manic Monday. Too dark for my mood. So I did the best thing you can do with a dark polish you're just not feeling.

I layered it.

Two coats of Nfu-Oh 54 over two coats of Icing Manic Monday. Pictures taken outdoors on a sunny day.

Nfu-oh 54 is a gorgeous flaky. Heck, even the Nfu-Oh bottles are pretty. I'd really like to try layering this over a beautiful teal creme. I think the effect will be rather like a mermaid's tail. There is nothing I can say that you can't see in pictures. All I can say is I'll be buying more of them when I can.

I forgot to mention in my last post that these are not old pictures. My nails are shorties again. In fact, today they're even shorter than these pictures show due to an unfortunate accident. I was filing a rough edge while watching House and got so caught up in what was going on I kind of filed a little too much on one side of the nail and had to even it out and then it didn't match the length of my other nails and then....well you know how it is. I well and truly have nubbins now.

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