Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up

It's raining again. I think I'm going to have to pull out my lamp if I want to get any decent swatch pictures. All this rain is making me feel dull and dreary. Even the prospect of Nars Zulu (at the post office!!!) isn't enough to keep me excited for very long. My soul is dragging its feet. So, from the other day, Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up (I do like that name...)

Let's base or top coat. Taken in the morning before the clouds rolled in, this was three coats. Sunny Side Up is a nice color but didn't want to play nice. Actually I think the brush was too stiff and caused the streaking that lead to the third coat. Wet n Wild brushes can be like that but for 99 cents I'm not going to complain. They make one of the best one coat black cremes out there. I'll love them forever for that. (Can you tell I'm sparkling today? *sigh*) I only wish a had better access to the brand. Until next time...*waves*


  1. amazing colour! i like it very much.

  2. Love and have this one, but still haven't worn it. Gorgeous!


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