Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quirius Deep Denim

I was supposed to get this post up yesterday but ended up stuck downtown with a flat tire. Talk about ruining your day! I did get some pretty glitter polishes from Hot Topic out of the whole ordeal though. Anyhow! On to the polish!

Quirius Deep Denim, morning sun

I love the richness of this color.

Only two coats. Two ridiculously easy coats. If I'd been more careful, I wonder if I could have gotten away with one.

I used my usual base/top coat combo of Nailtek/Poshe. Application was dreamy. These are the kinds of polish that make me want to order more from a company. (I still want to put in another Quirius order but got derailed by China Glaze's holiday collection!)


  1. Beauuuuuuuuuutiful, first pic in bigger dimension is *awesome*.

  2. That is such a wonderful colour! I used to have one like it about 8 years ago. How i miss that polish.

  3. holy crap that's a gorgeous colour. especially on!

  4. wow! gorgeous! sorry to hear about the tire though!

  5. MMM. amazing. I'm just not getting enough of blues. Especially dark ones!
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  6. Wow that is a gorgeous color. I have a lot of blues, but none of them look like that. Love it.


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