Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm

I had meant to get this posted on Monday night after work, but ended up feeling feverish and leaving work early. I didn't expect to spend the next few days in bed! Now I'm feeling much better and have some catching up to do. =)

Though a bit delayed, here is Chainmail Charm from Diamond Cosmetics. Of course the day I put it on the sky poured rain all day. I ended up resorting to standing with my fingers directly beneath a light bulb to get a decent picture.

From another angle. Two coats (plus base and top coat).

Application was good, smooth and with a thin consistency. If you wanted to stretch your bottle you could layer one coat over a gray or black. Overall, more than worth the $2.25 it cost me. You can purchase Diamond Cosmetics directly from their website here.

*I was just double-checking the link to Diamond Cosmetics website and realized that they have a notice in the nail polish section about Chainmail Charm. Apparently there is a production problem and so the color is currently unavailable. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.


  1. Yeah, this polish is great, but your nails, OMG - they're gorgeous!

  2. this colour is awesome! can this only be purchased through their site? Do you know if it is available anywhere else?

  3. This is awesome for $2.25!! I love this holor.

  4. This is a gorgeous color, one of my favorites!

    I did a DC post today too :) DC is the best nail polish deal ever!!!Great product!

  5. oooh so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  6. @Nihrida Thank you dear heart! I feel that same way about your nails <3

    @Danielle Unfortunately I only know of their website for purchasing. Perhaps you could contact them and ask if there's anywhere in your area you could buy their polish (since I believe they also do private label polish).

    @Jackie S. I can't believe I had this sitting for so long! I do love their range of colors and quality =)

  7. thats like the color club revvvolution


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