Sunday, September 26, 2010

NYX Girls Chocolate Taupe

Last month I showed you a taupe polish called The Taupe from NYX. Today I have another taupe polish from NYX called Chocolate Taupe.

NYX Girls Chocolate Taupe (left), The Taupe (right)

NYX Girls Chocolate Taupe, "daylight" lamp

This swatch is with no base or top coat. I used two coats of polish. Polish consistency was great. Application was easy with the polish doing this funky self-leveling thing even though at first it looked like it was going to be streaky. And look how shiny it is without top coat!

NYX Girls Chocolate Taupe (index & middle), The Taupe (ring & pinky)

I've heard that Chocolate Taupe is very similar to OPI You Don't Know Jacques, but sadly I missed the boat on that one. I don't have any other taupes in my collection (or do I?...hmm) to compare to but these two were well worth the money.


  1. I think the difference is big enough to have them both. I like taupes and they match your skintone very well! I have only one taupe nailpolish, but I should buy some more :D


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