Thursday, September 9, 2010

Revlon Ruby + Slipper

Wow, this week is just flying by. And not in a good way. So far I've had two sleepless nights, the ol' carpal tunnel acting up, a nail in my car tire (that couldn't be patched), I forgot to do my Japanese class homework and managed to burn my stomach with a hot pot yesterday. The blister is about 3 inches long and crescent shaped. Woohoo for interesting scars! But through it all, my nails were lovely =D

Revlon Ruby + Slipper, daylight lamp

Revlon released these limited edition pairs that you can wear together for a cutesy name or mix and match if you like.

(Not my best bottle pics, but you get the idea)

I didn't really need another red polish, but I was drawn to the whole idea of a "set" (I'm such a sucker). I'm glad I did buy Ruby though. It is one the yummiest, squishiest red jellies I own. And application was dreamy in two coats. Add one coat of Slipper for some red and silver bling, a lil' bit of topcoat and I had loveliness that kept me happy last week with only minimal tipwear. (Aha, did you think I wore it this week? So sorry to mislead. This week's loveliness will be up as soon as I can find my camera cable.) Here, look at another picture of Ruby + Slipper:

And what's this? Some friends?

But wait a minute...I'm pretty sure those aren't my bottles of polish. I wonder who they could belong to? *dun dun dun*


  1. Lovely indeed! =) Whose are those bottles?

  2. I love this combination!

    Giveaway perhaps? ;)

  3. ı like it
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  4. This is a really great combo! I didn't know Ruby was a jelly though...I've been looking for a good bright red jelly.
    Also, I'm sorry about your rough week and that your tummy got burned. :(
    Make sure to put some cocoa butter or shea butter or neosporin to keep it from scarring too badly.

    P.S. Could those bottles possibly belong to 1-3 lucky followers? *shifty eyes*


  5. @Nihrida, Biba & Chaos Butterfly Heh, yes they will be going to a lucky follower! I haven't decided the specifics yet, but keep watching!

    @youknow Thank you! I hope you enjoy the posts to come. I'll drop by your blog as soon as I have some time =)

    @ChaosButterfly(con't) Ruby is a delicious red jelly. My other favorite is Misa Cherry Topping. Thanks for reminding me about cocoa butter, I have some I just bought a couple weeks ago!

  6. Glad you posted pics of this! It looks great, I can't wait to get my hands on these.


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