Sunday, September 19, 2010

OPI DS Fantasy

Once in a while I curse myself for missed opportunities and have to resort to eBay. I've been putting if off, but I finally caved and bought OPI DS Fantasy a few weeks ago and I'm glad I did. I have some other manis from the past couple weeks, but I really wanted to show you this one today.

OPI DS Fantasy, morning sun

Two scrumptiously easy coats over Nailtek II Foundation and topped with Poshe. I could have done with only one coat of color but did two out of habit. I actually did this at night and waited to take pictures until morning. I don't know what I did in my sleep to cause that teensy chip on my middle finger. *iz puzzled*

I saved this to wear today because I wanted something special for my wedding anniversary. And blue is my favorite for nails! Did you know today is also Talk Like A Pirate Day? I was tickled when I learned I was getting married on Talk Like A Pirate Day. =)

Ah, I cannot get enough of this polish. The way it is ever so faintly holographic. The richness of the blue. Pictures are nothing compared to the real thing in sunlight. DS Fantasy is gorgeous even in the shade.

OPI DS Fantasy, shade

Positively heavenly. Anyhow, that's it for today! Coming soon, a contest, those skipped manicures I mentioned above & a few other surprises.


  1. woow great

    my blog

  2. Blimy that thar be Gorgeous!!
    Argh, Happy Anniversary Matey!

  3. I love this polish, it is my go to when other manis fail because it is a one-coater! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Awesome! Perfect for an anniversary! :)


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