Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NYX Girls Swatches I

I've been feeling a little down this month, but nothing a little retail therapy can't help. =D Over the weekend, I discovered one of the local grocery stores is stocking NYX Girls in the pharmacy section. At 1.59 each, I couldn't resist buying a few (or eight!). I thought I'd show you a few swatches today. Being swatches, these have no base or top coat.

NYX Girls Luscious Green, 2 coats, morning sun

NYX Girls The Taupe, 2 coats, morning sun

NYX Girls Chick Lit, 2 coats, morning sun

Anneliese, sneaking out the window!

I was surprised at how well these applied. Luscious Green seemed thin on the first coat, but the second coat was so smooth and easy. There is a bit of a bald patch on my pinky, but that's because I goofed getting my camera out. I thought I fixed it up alright, but cameras don't lie, lol.

The Taupe (haha, I love that name for some bizarre reason) had an unusual consistency. Not bad, just...different. I don't quite know how to explain it. At first I thought it was going to be horribly streaky, but I just let it be and each coat self-leveled. I think if I had tried to fix it I would have created problems. Left alone, it took care of itself. And so shiny!

Chick Lit was like Luscious Green. A nice smooth application, a bit thin on the first coat, but with a nice color payoff on the second. I'm in serious like with that one. Overall, I think these are great for the price. They certainly cheered up my day!


  1. Chick Lit has an interesting finish. Hi there, cat!

  2. Haha Eight, I love it! Thanks for the swatches~

  3. BTW I tagged you in this post today!

  4. I don't like the green one, but the other two look really good. And I love the kitty photo. =D

  5. @jaljen That it does! I wasn't sure about it in the bottle, but on the nail I loved it =)

    @Freshie Hehe, yeah...I love retail therapy (especially if its frugal!) and thanks for the award!

    @nihrida Mmmm I'm starting to love taupes (now that every polish company seems to be joining the taupe party). Annie sends kitty-love!


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