Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quirius Erin Island

I'm squeezing this post into the last few hours of the last day of August, desperately trying to ignore how hot & humid it is right now. I don't know where my head is, but I managed to forget to write in my polish notebook what base & top coat combo I used. Somebody take away my polish fiend badge.

Quirius Erin Island, morning sun

Three coats to even out the color. While not completely unworkable, the consistency of this polish is a bit chalky and streaky. But I'm completely gaga over the color. Neon pastel green = Kitty Love. I wish had captured the neon better.

Quirius Erin Island, shade

Note the teensy chips on my middle and ring finger. I have no idea how that happened in less than 12 hours. Obviously this one isn't going to have long staying power on me. Still, gorgeous.

Quirius Erin Island, noon sun with water decal

And finally, I had to add a water decal. Water decals are so much easier for me than nail stickers. This particular design is from the blogger sample pack I got from Viva La Nails last month. If you've never used water decals before, there's a nice video tutorial on their website.


  1. I've just ordered this shade from QRS. Water decals are enticing BUT the designs are so wimpy. All flowers and fem. Not really me. I wish you could get funkier designs. I've looked all over for some edgier ones but not found anything.

  2. @jaljen Yay! I look forward to seeing what you get! And I know what you mean about lack of design variety. I use the few water decals I have sparingly because its taken me years to find most of them. Kiss brand used to make some really great ones years ago; I only wish I had the foresight then to stock up!

  3. so so beautiful! I'm wearing Icings Mint 2 Be and it looks really similar on my monitor. How close is it to Color Club's Twiggie??

  4. I love it!

    I'm your new followers.


  5. @Freshie I'm not sure about Mint 2 Be (hmmm, I don't have that one...a trip to Icing needs to be made!) but I pulled out Twiggie and going by the bottle, Erin Island is lighter in color. I've been resisting taking off my current manicure (which will be posted soon) but I'll try to get a comparison of Twiggie and Erin Island up for you this weekend. =)

    @Oje Delisi Welcome! I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Do you have to get this polish online, or do they sell it in stores...? :) I've been wanting to get a namesake polish from the beginning, but Zoya Erin is such a yawnfest.

  7. @Erin The only place I know of to get this is online, but that does have a lot to do with where I live (not much but drugstore stuff available locally). I have read of other people finding Quirius in nail salons, so maybe you could try calling around? I must say though, QRS (http://www.qnail.com/shop/) has great customer service!


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