Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NYX Girls Swatches II

First of all, I apologize that these are not the best pictures. It was late afternoon and clouds rolled in while I was swatching and the sun decided to start playing peek-a-boo. Anyhow, here's Part II of my pick-me-up grocery store haul. These swatches are without base/top coat. As always, click for bigger pics.

NYX Girls Deep Space

Three thin coats for full coverage. Sadly the glitter is not as visible on the nail as it is in the bottle, especially indoors. Otherwise, application was good.

NYX Girls Robotic

Again three thin coats for full coverage. The turquoise glitter in this one is more visible than Deep Space was. Smooth application.

NYX Girls Royal Purple

Three thin coats. The base polish is more purplish than the other two. Royal Purple dried rather flat (matte?) whereas Deep Space and Robotic were fairly glossy without top coat. I added top coat to my ring and pinky finger so you could see how a shiny top coat enhanced the glitter, but yeah, my pictures suck. *sigh* I added a second pic to try (and fail) to make up for it.

Overall, I'm still pleased even though my glitter expectations were higher. Subtle can be good too, right?

I haven't been without polish even though I haven't been able to post these last two weeks. There are several manicure pictures awaiting editing, so look forward to some Quirius and another Zoya coming soon! And there's still Part III of the NYX haul to be swatched!


  1. I love first two polishes, they look great.

    It's always like that with glittery polishes, I think - they look better in the bottle and then subtle on the nails.

  2. I hate when there's more glitter in the bottle than on the nail =(.

  3. @Biba Luckily for the polishes, I don't hold it against them! Being pretty in the bottle is enough for me to keep them, hehe =)

    @Freshie It can be disappointing, but there's always frankening!


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