Friday, August 20, 2010

Quirius Love in Hawaii

I believe I've mentioned before that I like to collect polishes with names that refer to Hawaii, regardless of whether I like the color. Quirius Love in Hawaii has the bonus of being a gorgeous mildly-neon pink creme.

Quirius Love in Hawaii, morning sun

Quirius Love in Hawaii, morning sun

Quirius Love in Hawaii, morning sun

I chose to use 3 coats (had minor OCD moment) but it is pigmented enough to use two. Love in Hawaii dried with a matte-ish finish as neons do and had a tendency to streak if I brushed over the same spot too often. Easily fixed with careful application or a third coat.

Now I don't normally comment on wear because I usually change my polish too often to make any real judgement. And personal body chemistry seems to affect how different brands wear on different people, so who am I to say what might work for you? But I gotta say, I wore the heck out of this one. I haven't had the time lately to change polish as often as I get the urge, but if my nails are chippy I will make the time, even if only to go naked. Quirius Love in Hawaii wore so well on me I didn't even realize how long I had been wearing it.

Quirius Love in Hawaii, shade, Day 5

The chip on my index finger is what finally urged me to change my polish. When I went back to my polish notebook I realized I had been wearing Love in Hawaii for five days. Was it the base/top coat combo? Possibly. I used CND Ridge Out for the base and Poshe Fast Drying top coat. Whatever it was, I'm glad it worked!


  1. That is a lovely finish/colour. Wish I could get Quirius.

  2. this is a really nice color on you..i tried a neon hot pinkish on me..and it looks more orange..?i will try again.. lol

  3. w0w I can hardly get 2 days with out chipping my polish! This colour is fantastic. I always seem to have to layer neons over white. :/

  4. I'm your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you sometime can check out mine:

  5. @jaljen Thanks! Have you checked their shipping page? I think they ship internationally

    @Jackie S I'll have to remember it in case I need to keep my polish on!

    @Pretty Thank you! This is a great neon pink, its almost like its not neon at all (except it is...does that make sense? lol)

    @lolitadewdrop I loved how this didn't need layering at all!

    @lily nail Thanks!

    @Melanie Welcome and thank you! I'd love to check out your blog =)


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