Monday, July 19, 2010

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Gah, I'm a bad blogger. I haven't been keeping up and now I just hit enter after typing the title and posted an empty post. *insert head meeting desk here* So it's late, I'm pretty much gone to la-la land and I just realized I didn't take any notes on the polish I'm going to show you. *sweatdrops* Let's just start with a picture and wing it from there!

China Glaze Dorothy Who?, overcast

From the re-released Wizard of Ooh Ahz this past holiday season, Dorothy Who is a charming blue jelly packed with silver glitter.

same polish, shade

IF I'm remembering correctly (and that's debatable tonight, lol) this is 2 smooooooth coats (smooth like jelly! not jam...jelly!). Base coat was Nail Tek Foundation II ('cause I can't find my OPI ridge filler) and topcoat is Poshe fast-drying. (Seche Vite and I have a love-hate relationship...we're currently in a Hate phase)

Dorothy Who? oh hai, Mr. sun...

Oh wait, you wanted to see more sparkle?

Does this satisfy my lemming for the original release of Dorothy Who? Hmmm...nope, can't say it does. But then, I can be like that. In my head this is Dorothy Who, Part Deux? I love it, I wore it for days (no chips until Day 3!) but I still want the original. Now, I need a bed. And I wish I hadn't stopped at McDonald's for that caramel frappe thingy on the way home from work...


  1. You're a GREAT blogger. I love your photos. =) Gorgeous polish AND nails.

  2. I have this, but I haven't tried it yet. I looks lovely!

    During summer it is hard to blog! So many things to do...

  3. Wow it looks stunning, so jazzy and happy. :)

  4. @nihrida Thanks sweetie! You were my inspiration to try blogging =)

    @Sarah Summer sure does get jam-packed with things to do! It doesn't help that it can get so hot during the day all I want to do is lay on the kitchen tiles and melt, lol.

    @Lolitadewdrop I love the word jazzy to describe this!

    @Freshie feel like I should hear a pepsi can being opened.


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