Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bottle Preview!

I had a mani done, but I ruined it cutting down a stubborn guava bush (tree?) and silly me, I forgot to take a picture before the yard work. Anyhow, I love posing and taking pictures of the new pretty ladies so today you get a quick preview of my Zoyas all standing at attention. (I really want a proper light box, not the DIY bit of nonsense I constructed. If Nihrida's is named "Crappy" mine is Crappy's ugly sister Floozy. She's cheap, easy & tipsy, but she gets the job done.)

First the new haul from the Zoya Polish Exchange:

Then the older Zoya ladies were getting jealous of all the attention the newbies were getting and demanded their own photo shoot.

So, where do I start?! Any requests?


  1. OMG these are beautiful! I love them all! <3 I'm curious about Mieko. Sooooo pretty! :D

  2. I love Zoya polishes. Can't wait for some swatches!

  3. Love Zoyas! I have a lot of the same colors, gorgeous!

  4. @Tiana Mieko will be in the first batch!

    @Biba I'm excited to swatch these!

    @Jackie S. Awesome! Loved your post of Mimi with the Nfu-Oh last week =)


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