Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quirius Sunshine Energy

Woweee! Quirius Sunshine Energy is aptly named! Haha, the bottle pics I took before don't even begin to show how neon this is. (Yes, I'm digging in to my Quirius haul without finishing the other haul. Absolutely shameless, I am.) So, these pictures. Skin tone is not accurate, but I sacrificed that in an attempt to show you a little bit of how bright this is. Annnnnnd...nail length was sacrificed in the name of a busy weekend of hardcore gaming. Heh.

Quirius Sunshine Energy, sun

Quirius Sunshine Energy, shade

Now isn't that awesome? Just imagine it brighter. More neon. Hmmm, details...three coats plus base (Nailtek) and topcoat (Poshe). Very very pigmented. Consistency was a bit thick, which caused it to streak just a little if you went over the same spot twice. Easily remedied by letting it dry a smidgen between coats. Rather like many neons out there. If anything, I love Sunshine Energy more than many others because it doesn't need white under it to really make it pop!


  1. This is definitely the first color I'm ordering from this collection!


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