Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quirius Black Coal

I have no willpower. I really really do intend to finish trying out all the polishes from my Head2Toe haul, but seeing all those Quirius bottles lined up and waiting...waiting to fulfill their purpose in life...I cracked. XD

I'll get back to the other haul tomorrow, but for today let's look at...

Quirius Black Coal, shade

Okay, I should have chosen to start with a more summery color, but last night the moon was almost full and the lunar-kittehs are running wild and they're saying "Give us moar!" Who am I to ignore my kittehs?

Quirius Black Coal, sun

Seriously though, this was two perfect coats, no cleanup required. Polish went on, polish stayed where I put it, smooth like buttah as they say. I did use a basecoat (Nail Tel Foundation II) and topcoat (Poshe) for these pictures. I fully intend to wear this all day. Click the second picture to see the hint of sparkle better. Is anyone else thinking of shiny gun barrels right now? Just me? Must be the moon. ;p

Quirius Nail Lacquer can be bought online at QRS Beauty Shop. Quirius is pronounced just like "curious" (the obsessive part of me just had to ask customer service). And I'm told a surprise gift is sent with each order. I won't tell you what mine was so as not to ruin the surprise if you order! I checked out the shipping section and it looks like they ship international as well. So what do you think? Are you curious about Quirius? (Okay, that was lame...I'll stop now XD)


  1. I really like this gunmetal color - and yes I'm curious! =)

  2. the kitteh's cannot be denied!!!!

  3. Oh, I have to have will power :L My mom has put me on a never ending no-buy. I haven't bought a single polish since over a month :(

    This polish is beautiful, all the quirius polishes look soooo tempting!


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