Wednesday, June 30, 2010

China Glaze Medallion

Okay, I admit it, I have another Quirius polish on right now (Sunshine Energy!) but you'll have to wait for it. I'm feeling obsessive right now which means I need to post what I wore before it.

China Glaze Medallion, weak morning sun

From China Glaze's Specialties collection, this is three coats of glitter (with OPI RidgeFiller and 2 coats of Poshe topcoat for the bumpiness). In the picture, you can see tiny bits of bare nail here and there, but honestly? In real life this is so shiny bling that no one notices. I didn't even notice until I uploaded the pic. But if it bothers you, its easy enough to do a coat of gold polish first. Actually, I think next time I'll try black underneath.


  1. this is one of my favorite china glaze glitters and one of my favorite gold glitters!

  2. @Freshie Thanks! I <3 sparkles too =)

    @jbrobeck It's awesome! I'm glad it gets so much love!


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