Monday, June 21, 2010

Maybelline Red to Gold

My sister recently had to deal with hard drive failure and that prompted me to go through my files and make double sure I've been keeping up with backing up my own files. (I had, yay!) While doing so, I found some pictures I think were originally meant to be posted on MUA, but instead were sitting forgotten in a folder. It's a gorgeous polish, it deserves to be seen.

Maybelline Red to Gold, daylight lamp

Can you see the usage line in the bottle? I used to wear this A LOT.

Okay, this is and old polish. I probably bought it around 8 or 9 years ago. But I've read that people find old drugstore polishes in Dollar Tree stores. Maybe some of these are still out there. (Sadly, there are no such stores where I live. Woe is me.)

This is almost certainly three coats. Polish consistency is thin. Oh hai, long nails!

I apologize for stray polish bits on my cuticles. I wasn't so concerned about cleanup in those days. (Present me wants to reach into the pictures with acetone.)

Have you had enough? Just one more, I promise.

Next time: I got something new in the mail!


  1. Relly pretty. And your nails are getting so looooooong!

  2. This is such a pretty color. So smooth looking.

  3. Wow those are so pretty and shiny. They look like they are dripping with colour. :D

  4. Ive seen this one at my local DT and others from the same collection. Your nails are gorgeous!

  5. @everyone Sorry for the lateness replying, but thanks for all your encouragement!


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