Saturday, February 26, 2011

Color Club Otherworldly

There aren't many swatches of Color Club's new Starry Temptress collection so I'm skipping over some other posts I was working on to show you this one. Mr. Kitty ordered me polish for V-day (he's such an enabler!) and I chose a few from Color Club's new collections because I was curious.

Color Club Otherworldly, daylight lamp

Otherworldly is a neon blue jelly with silver holographic glitter mixed in. The holo does not really show up well, indoors it looks almost like white glitter in a jelly base. This is 2 coats without a base coat. I did apply a top coat because it is matte (as most neon polishes are) when dry and has a bumpy texture.

Here's a closer bottle pic. If you click for the bigger picture you can see how subtle the holo is. Strong sunlight might draw out the holo more, but I think it's better to just consider it a silver glitter.

I rather like Otherworldly. I definitely don't have another polish like it. In retrospect, I wish I had ordered the Starry Temptress Top Coat. I want to know how it changes the overall look of these polishes. I do have 2 more from this collection to post, Space Case and Wink, Wink, Twinkle. I'll be posting those later today.


  1. Love this! Jelly AND glitter! I might have to pick up some of these...eventually..

  2. SO pretty, can't wait to get my hands on this collection!

  3. @Freshie Yes! I want to see them on you!

    @laquerlove One of the things I love about Color Club is that they don't get D/C'd quickly. And lately you can find the sets at Ross....*whistles innocently*


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