Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Contest Winner to Be Announced Soon

Well the entries are all in and I'm prepping them all up to have a winner drawn! Hopefully sometime today, but definitely tomorrow if the work schedule gets rough. (Gah, I'm sooo excited! Isn't that silly?)

In other news, I just read that Ange of Scandalously Polished found a dupe for MAC's Bad Fairy. You can read about it here. I am completely thrilled! Now I have a second option to hunt down. I've been wanting Bad Fairy, but was irritated by my local Macy's MAC counter. Story time (you can skip, its not really relevant):

So being so busy at work I almost missed the release date. I wasn't expecting to miraculously find Bad Fairy, but the day before release I had a few minutes on my lunch break and so I stopped at Macy's to see if they had come in yet since sometimes we get things very late. The guy who was working the counter told me that they had got them in but they wouldn't be selling them until the next day. (I know that, that's not what I had asked.) Then he informed me that they were told no presales. (Insert faint glimmer of hope here.) So I asked him if there was any way something could be held until my lunch break the next day since I only wanted one bottle of nail polish. He replied "Oh no, the nail polishes are all sold already. Nail polish always sells out fast." Wait, what? Didn't he just tell me they weren't doing presales? *sigh* I just thanked him and left. Did I completely miss something? (Probably yes, lol) The whole encounter frustrated me for days. To know there's a dupe out there makes it better.

Anyhow, keep watching! A winner to announce and at least two more polishes have been photographed and sit on the editing table as I type!

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  1. Scandalously Polished found a dupe of Bad Fairy, its OPI DS "Perfection", there is also another english brand, Accesorize, that is a dupe called "Pink Spice".

    Hope this helps :)


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